Which is the best laptop available?

which is the best laptop available?

Answer #1

In my opinion? the Apple Macbook. Convenient size, rugged construction, use of quality parts and really good features for your money. Not the cheapest, but certainly a very good contender for best laptop.

If you’re going to buy a laptop, whatever you get, please don’t get a Dell - they’re more trouble that they’re worth.

Answer #2

Mine’s a Macbook Pro. It’s a GREAT computer. Although, I find it suits me mostly because I’m an artist, and Macs are great for that kind of stuff. If you’re a gamer, then you don’t want a Mac. But yeah.. both the Macbook and Macbook Pro are absolutely stunning computers.

Answer #3

points at self


Answer #4

But it costs a f*ck-tonne…

Answer #5

It really depends what you want it for.

If you’re looking to go for a laptop that is more graphic design/media friendly, I’d go for a macbook or macbook pro. Also, I’ve found that the operating system for macs (OS X and Leopard) don’t have as many problems as windows does. Grr… windows!

I know people who have compaqs and I’ve heard some pretty good feedback from them.

Answer #6

an alian ware with all solid states drives it is perfect for power proformance and durability

Answer #7

I would either go with a Macbook or a Sony Vaio. Stay away from Dell and Compaq.. they suck

Answer #8

Alienware is dell, dell = bad customer service =P

If your going for multimedia, apples are the way to go. if your wanting a number crunching PC, try Evesham, and for gaming, get a desktop. You cant upgrade PCs, but you can upgrade desktops =D Try Beast or for a custom build PcSpecialist (UK) I have a £1500 custom build and they are amazing for gaming =)

Answer #9

cant upgrade laptops*

Sorry =)

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