Best hair growth product?

anyone know any good hair growth products?!

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you can do it naturally without any products. if you’re straightening your hair, don’t do it as much. it damages your hair and burns it out. this stops it from growing too. if youre washing your hair everyday, it kills the scalp. thats what causes dry skin! and it damages the hair. it clogs the root from growing. wash your hair every other day. one day shampoo and conditioner, the next just rinse, the next just conditioner, the next shampoo and conditioner and repeat the cycle :) your hair will become healthier and shinier. it will feel nice :) and not only that but your hair needs its natural oils so it will grow faster. get a trim about an inch every two weeks to prevent split ends :) hopes this helps.

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Olive ole You can get it from Walgreen’s are the hair stores It make your hair grow really fast and no split ends never dry and and it make it heatley

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I liked Reloxe so much. I have used it, and it can actually promote hair growth. My hair grown so much after using Reloxe.

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