Best friends boy friend...!

I’ve known now for about 2 weeks that my best friends boy friend has been cheating on her, and I dont no what to do because I no for serten he has because he even tried it on with me… :s, if I tell her that she might think im lieing and I just said it to brake her and her boy friend up, and then I will lose her. But thenn again if I dont tell her and say like she finds out in a few mounths shes gonna be annoyed with me then, because I didnt tell herr, this is soo annoying I hope yoo cab help…!

Answer #1

TELL HER, seriously, she may be angry at you but try and make her see for herself, your being a very good friend! Even if she does get angry at you she’ll find out sooner or later and when she does she’ll thank you and you’ll be closer than ever. Get her by herself and say you really need to talk to her about something, but she’s not going to like it. Tell her that its not out of jealousy, but becuase your her friend and she has the right to know!

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