Best Comedy?

What do you like more. A) Family Guy B) South Park C) American Dad D) Telletubbies…

& Also do you religious people think its bad to watch such shows as this?

Answer #1

I don’t watch any of those shows. I’m not sure if its “bad” to watch them, but if it insults my beliefs, then I’m not going to watch it. People can watch whatever they want, they decide. I don’t know though, I’ve just never really wanted to watch them, no reason really. :)

Answer #2

family guy (=

Answer #3

South Park

Answer #4

out of those 4, def’ I luv family guy. :)

Answer #5

south park then family guy but I dont really need to tell you do I lol

Answer #6

South Park is the best, because within every abrasive dirty episode there’s a really good point.

Answer #7

I kinda agree wit bimjob

Answer #8

Wow! Tough call. Ranking 1.) South Park 2.) Family Guy 3.) American Dad 497.) Teletubbies (although Spongebob Squarepants would be #9)

Answer #9

I like south park.. dirty humor is great.

Answer #10

I love all, beside teletubbies, I hate that show, especially twinky winky

Answer #11

I used to love Family Guy but I got bored of it.

Answer #12

Dimitri martin stand up, south park, or daniel tosh stand up

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