What are the benefits for going to college?

Answer #1

friends and parties. that’s all. everything else about college gives you a negative effect like headaches and sleep-deprivation. source: experience. i dropped out just last semester

Answer #2

You get your education and your degree. It gives you a path in life, you have the chance of finding jobs easier with the degree is a lot of jobs as opposed to having no degree. All in all, it’s great for your future as it opens doors for you, even if y ou get a degree that you don’t want to do as a job in the end, it will still be easier to find a job. As well, you meet people and you make connections.

Answer #3

A lot of courses offer learning chances aside from just educational. You make a lot of new connections in school, for one. If you live out on you own, you learn the value of a dollar and how to take care of yourself. The best benefit is starting a career and making a good living, though.

Answer #4

I disagree. If your main focus isn’t on school, you will end with lots of headaches. The idea of college is not to focus on gatherings and getting drunk. You don’t give away thousands of dollars just to do that. Your main focus should be learning. If you stay on track, the less issues you’ll have.

Answer #5

an education to get a decent job

Answer #6

As well, you learn a lot of skills you will need, like working with superiors, working or doing thigns for superiors, as well, public speaking, or skills in your courses. Also, you will have a great time there as long as you know how to balance your fun and work. Many people are thrown out because all they do is party, but if you learn to balance that, you will ahve fun, and do good in college.

Answer #7

So that you will be educated and know more about life. So that you won’t be a slave to life but life a slave to you.

Answer #8

if you stay on track and do EVERYTHING that you’re asked to do in college, you’ll end up having dark circles under your eyes

Answer #9

you for one wont be a retard

Answer #10

Adding to this, college teaches you to think wider than your current situation. It forces you to contemplate and to make sense of the world around you. That is what it taught me.

Answer #11

better jobs better money

Answer #12

Going to college is a preparation for your future career in the field you want to work. You will get a training that can be useful for life. When you have a college degree it is easier to find a good paying job. Your future is bright when you have college education and finish a course.Most high paying job positions called for those who have college degree.

Answer #13

If you’re getting enough rest and aren’t a procrastinator, no. Not really. When you’re in college you have to decide what’s more important – parties or getting good grades. Usually one doesn’t mix well with the other. If you want a career, you have to make sacrifices.

Is it fun? Not always. It is worth it in the end.

Answer #14

Lol. I cannot wait till you get into the real world. Employers are far more demanding than professors. I so miss being in college. Of course if you honestly cant cut it because you spend too much time partying, you’re going to be working minimum wage your entire life because of an obvious lack of priorities, maturity, organizational skills, etc etc…

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