What are the benefits of having a boyfriend who's in the marines ?

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military bases u can go on most u wish and food/gifts and wat not half off

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You should just be with the guy because you like him as a person, not because of the benefits he may have.
I'm not sure how the marines are, but my boyfriend is in the army and it's really hard..he's constantly working, nonstop, and I have to accept the fact that one day he might leave again. He's constantly stressed out.. :(
It will all be worth it in the end, though.. once he's done and chooses to go back to school, the army is going to pay for all of his schooling until he gets his Bachelor's Degree..
There's good benefits, but make sure you're able to handle being away from him..

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im not 100% sure on this but i THINK it means you can stay at home and not have to work because he makes a lot of money. however you sarifice almost all the time you will get to spend with him and see him, and thats not worth anything, not even money. because if you love soemone you should want to spend s much time with them as possible

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Well, there's very little chance he'll get fired, so money will be stable. His medical expenses are paid for (if you marry him, yours will be too). You get to go to functions and dress up and meet new people a few times a year. All sorts of good stuff :)

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