How to belly dance?

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youtube it, there are real how to lessons guaranteed!

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Here you go :)

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hard to explain over the internet. i belly dance, and i absolute love it! youtube does have some very good videos that you could watch. i am sure their some websites. or maybe even a belly dance classes where you live. god luck!

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how long did it take you to learn?

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that is a good video to learn from :)

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not long at all actually. i went o classes, and the only thing to get used to is that you use muscles you dont normally use, so you might be a little sore, if you r doing it right.

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o k

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o k

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o k

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agreed...especially on certain songs.wait til you do the combination then you can really feel it.
I got used to it since in every occasion there is mid eastern music and we always dance to it. :P
Here is a little the music and the moves will make your body move a lot easier! :)

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yes, its a lot of fun:)

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heehe i was watching this a moment ago

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this is un okay video, but it may be better to go to a class, and larn a tad bit more things and techniques. that really make it all worth wild.

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omg now i want to learn tooo!
sign me up for a class :O!

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