Belly button piercing questions! :) Please annswer. :D

Heey everybody! This is the second question I’ve asked about belly button piercings. I have some questions.. please answer!

  1. I’ve had my cartlidge pierced, do belly button piercings hurt a great deal morethen cartlidge piercings?
  2. Should you twist around the belly button ring during the healing process? Some say no, it will hurt the piercing, some say it helps it.
  3. Do you suggest a curved or straight barbell? I, personally think curved looks better, but whatwould you suggest?
  4. I think I’ll be cleaning it a lot.. does it hurt or infect the piercing if you clean it very often?
  5. Would I be able to play soccer with it in?
  6. Some people say you shoud eat or drink something after it’s pierced to get your blood sugar up, it that true?
  7. Any further suggestions or help, please say also!

Thanks a lot!, oxoxox’s.

P.s. me & my best friend are getting it done together, and we’re both 13. We get itdone in one or two days. :)

Answer #1
  1. Yeah, it hurts a little bit more.
  2. Yes, you ARE suppose to move it around after you clean it.
  3. it HAS to be curved.
  4. The more the better, it’ll heal quicker & won’t get infected no it doesnt hurt at all while cleaningg it.
  5. Uhh, your not suppose to have piercings during sports but you can still play just be careful with other people hurting you there.
  6. No haha :D eat normally it shouldnt matter.

hope I helpeddd(: && goood luhkkk.

Answer #2

Thanks. :) We endedp geetting it done yesterday. All good now. /:D

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