Belly button piercin

Okaii so not long ago this yr had mah bellybutton dun…ani wai summin went wrong and had tu take it out, till kept tha jewellry tho,but now tha hole for it haz closed up,if I go back tu tha piercin shop du yu fink it wud be less money because I got tha jewellry they just need tu du tha hole again!!?? Please answere.

Answer #1

um no… just gonna have to pay for them to peirce it again not the jewerly.. my hot topic does a deal where you peirce it you get a peice of jewerly for FREE! Yay! but your payin full price I can bet…

Answer #2

u could always do it yourself… it doesnt hurt THAT BAD… im completly kidding its a pain especially if you mess up… I ripped my ear trying to peirce it…ouch! but I got the girl…YAY

Answer #3

yep defo

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