Does a Belly Button Piercing look bad when pregnant?

Is it true that when you get your belly button pierced that, when you have babies, the whole stretches and looks really bad? Is it worth getting my belly button pierced?

Answer #1

my piercing was fine the only thing you have to worry about is being allergic to something in the metal caz then it gets infected and stays gross looking

Answer #2

I think no matter if your pregnant or not you will look cool with your belly done. I have myne done but I not pregnant. My man was pregnant and she has her belly done. It does not look bsd at all. I think you should get it done. It doesnt hurt.

Answer #3

hmmm…ok so then I shouldnt get it done then. Well thanks for your opinion. Nicole

Answer #4

Mine didn’t change at all during my pregnancy, I just took the ring out after the 4th month && everything was just fine

Answer #5

It wont look to good while pregnant, but just think, youll only be that way for 9months then ull go back to normal. And besides, who shows there belly button off while there pregnant any way? My sister had hers done, she left it in while she was pregnant, and now 2 years later she still has it. The hole went back to normal, and it looks fine.. Just make sure before you were that 2 piece in the summer, you loose the poochy stomach that some people have after the baby!

Answer #6

I’m pregnant and I have my belly pierced yea my hole is kinda stretching but after you have the baby the hole goes back to normal jsut a little scarring and if you used a lot of coco butter you WON’T get stretch marks incase that was on your mind to =]

Answer #7

well when her belly is gone, comment this again, and tell me if it looks ok, and if its worth getting it. I have sooo many mixed feelings about getting it done lol. Thank you


Answer #8

My friend that is 35 weeks pregnant, you can a big circle on her tummy where her belly button ring entered. Her belly is huge, and her belly buttons ring whole (the top one) is a scar, I’m sure it wont look as bad when her big belly is gone.

Answer #9

It can look really cute. I had one, but removed it after I found out I was allergic to something they put in the metal. Even if your belly does stretch, your belly button really doesn’t get that much bigger.

Answer #10

My friend had her belly button pierced, and then she got pregnant. She had the baby, and he’s about 4 months old now. But her belly button ring is stretched out, and it sags. I would suggest not getting it if you’re pregnant, or plan on getting pregnant anytime soon.

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