Do they numb your belly button before they pierce it?

I want to get my belly button periced but I dont know if it hurts, I know someone that numbed it somehow first but I dont know what she used..any suggestions

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k well I did mines wid a safety pin. I 1st cleaned it wid alchol din burned it. qrab yo belly button really hard din
stick da safety pin in der. keep it clean fur bout a month er 2 din switch it 2 a belly button rinq. it miqht hurt jus a lil bit buh I numbed it wid ice.

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Ok i dunno where these ppl are from, but around here, no one freezes it before. you can by emela cream (not sure about the spelling) but it's a rip-off and it is completely useless, i had my belly-button pierced about 4 years ago. the best advice i can give you, is to research it a lot, read some stories on and get familliar with the procedure. I did extensive research before mine, and it calmed me a lot. I am a whimp, and i didnt find it painfull at all, but for a lot of people, it hepls to be comfortable with the piercer, so talk to them before it, and ask them to give u a step by step run through of what they are going to do. It is one of the least painfull piercings if done professionalyy, and it can look really great. Make sure they use a needle, and not a gun, because this can cause a lot of damage if they use a gun... and it hurts more. 14g barbells are the most common and they stop it from migrating out of your skin. Enjoy

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Well I just got mine done like..about 2 weeks and it hurt like hell!
At first the lady cleaned off the neadle and the area where she was going to pierce it
and the she took this long clamp and put it where she was going to
put the neadle through (its the same thing they use when they pierce someones lip)
Now she clamped down pretty hard! Which hurt so much that I could hardly feel the neadle go through and when the neadle did go through it just felt like alot of pressure
and then she put the ring through.
After that it felt sore for like a week I just now noticed it didnt hurt anymore actually lol

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Look i have my lip and my nose pierced im getting my bellybutton pierced 2 times on top and bottom and im getting the surfer right up above my belly button. If you want it pierced that bad then pains no problem but if u dont want it to hurt then dont do it cause it will hurt. And to numb ur belly button use ice. It works i did that to my sisters ear and it didnt hurt her i pierced it for her. But i recoment u to get it pierced professionally because it wont hurt as much if they have numbing tissue.

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Mine hurt alot. The guy stuck a needle in first, then took it out and put in the ring, which felt like he was piercing it again. So it hurts twice. I don't know how good you are at enduring pain, but I screamed twice. And I almost broke my mom's hand by grabbing it so hard. Sorry, but I'm honest.


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i had my belly button peirced... today actually
and it did not hurt a bit
they use a spray to freeze your navel first, which tickles more than anything.
i didnt think that it hurt at all, an i think the key is to be relaxed an not to think about it... the more you do this the less it will hurt you
hope this helped... an feel free to ask any questions

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I am doing mine with an earing!!!

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ahhh im gettin mine done tomorrow im so scared but im just gunna have a convo with my friend while im getting it done and just relax hope fully it wont hurt that much hope they num it x

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