Why can't i sign in to bebo.com?

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Use someone elses computer!!!...It looks like u/someone else tried to register, and entered an invalid/underage profile. Bebo will remember this and not allow you to register from that computer/address.
Ask someone else to make you a profile!!! Or use anutha computer!

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I think that it may not recognise you. Try signing up again.
It happened to me once, and that cleared it.
It depends on whether you have been able to sign I before.

Ever wonder why there isnt a Division sign on a keyboard

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can anyone give me there bebo details? I tried using yours xxcoco21xx but it didn't work. shame isn't it? I just moved and my friend is trying to give me there no.
It isn't fair!

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thank you all for dah help but it still don't work so yea ill try sumfing else
well do you have nefing else in mind that mite help

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why cant I get on to bebo

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can you find a bebo site plzzz

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well. it want let me sign up but if you alredy have a user name but you still cant sign in ere is the website:
but you see I cant create a user and its the same reason why you cant get on it saiz' sorry but you can not use this website' or something like that aniwaiz :( im sad .. :s and confused! mixed fealings at the moe I hope you can help me!
frm xx-Varnz-xx im 12:)

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I want 2 go on bebo at litcham high school but they blocked it and put it in blacklist lol

it sooo unfair
is der anyone in da same position as mi

post a comment please

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if you can't sign in i would make sure that you have the username and password correct. if you have put any graphic pictures on it...it will automatically delete your account...or maybe you just didn't sign up properly...

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Maybe your school have blocked it like mine HAS!!
then if they try
and in the brown address bar.. type in bebo.com or myspace.com
have fun:)

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maybe you typed you password or you username in wrong or your accont been deleted

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because the computers stupid

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why cant I sign up wiv bebo man
itz trippin me owt man
hurry up

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I want 2 sign up 4 bebo why nt I it jst sayz this website iz nt available

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I want to sign up for bebo my d.o.b is 18/01/1968. but it just says sorry you cannot use this website

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Heres my details for it
Username= xxcoco21xx
Password= seeking!


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hi bebo why can't I sign in because when I try it says you can not use this website why not I want to bebo account

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why can't I sign in bebo ?

it won't let me try again it just says sorry you can not use this website

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yor computer and my computer or rubish

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bebo site is bebo.com I got bebo it works fine for me any body no ow to create 2 accounts ma friend done it wont tell me

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b-because it won't allow you 2 sign in, but yea...

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wrong mistake I am 13 1/10/94

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my password is good , my logon is good but it is not good

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because your underage

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because your not welcome only jokin it happens to me aswell.

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did you sign up?

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I think it's a sign that you should just use FunAdvice instead.

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maybe you forgot the password or there's a missing letter or wrong spelling on your bebo add.,

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