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anyone got any good ideas on what to put on your bebo blog???
totally stuck

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why not having some blogs where you fill out questions like these on my profile

ANSWER #2 of 4

- 3 words to describe me
- Best day of my life
- Lyrics/or a quote you live by
- Song of the day
- Shoutouts for your best friends

Or find some questionaires to do. :)

ANSWER #3 of 4

your name, if you have any pets, you fav color, fav things to do, fav movie, fav band/song, your personality, your style, your friends, what you do in your spare time, you grade, just stuff like that.

ANSWER #4 of 4

Dear friends -

I'm excited to say that I found a MUCH better site to spend my time on, FunAdvice. While the AOL leadership did their best to drive bebo into the ground, they didn't quite succeed...and I have a hard time believing the new owners will fair much better.

So, to ensure that my account doens't get closed, I can use all sorts of cool features AND enjoy a site with less advertising than any other...come join me on FunAdvice.

:) Try writing that.

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