How to make my dimples deeper ?

How to make my dimples deeper ?

I have light ones but I want deeper
because in my opinion they can enhance your smile !!!

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I'm wondering the same thing. I think I just needa lose weight cus I notice the fatter I'm getting the more it don't show hahahaha

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I'm not positive, but I really don't think that's possible.

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you cant make dimples deeper..they are a genetic. The way they show up is because of the structure of your facial muscle.

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you cant acuallly make them deeper but what you can do , is put a brown blush/eye shadow where your diples are and they will apear deeper , not dark but lighhtly puut some thinng there . goood luuccck(: this worked for me and I dont even have dimples at alll .

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mayb you should smile hard or press your hands on your small dimple spot and they'll probably get deeper

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pierce them(:

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Do the biggest and widest smile you can and hold it for as long as you can and keep doing it :)

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You can't change the depth of your dimples. But from someone who doesn't have them at all, I'll take shallow ones over none any day! Lucky you!!!

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I really wish that were possible but as far as I know its not :( I have dimples and they're deep and I love them... maybe you should try to look for ways to make them LOOK deeper... I don't know... just try.

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I have some deeep dimples. I asked one of my mom's doctors about dimples and he said that you can put you finger (This actually works) and hold it there for the least, 30 min and they will be deep. If you don't a dimple to start with, than you're out of luck.

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