How many beatles albums are there?

How many beatles albums are there? And what are there names of the albums

Answer #1

what kind of answer is that?

Answer #2

You have to think too, what came out before 1964? Canada had the music, but the U.S. didn’t.

Answer #3

14? not sure about the names

Answer #4
  1. Please Please Me
  2. With the Beatles
  3. Beatles’ Second album
  4. Something New
  5. A hard Days Night
  6. Beatles VI
  7. Beatles for Sale
  8. Help
  9. Rubber Soul
  10. Revolver
  11. Sgt Pepper
  12. Magical Mystery Tour
  13. White Album
  14. Yellow Submarine
  15. Abbey Road
  16. Let It Be
Answer #5

16 American albums 13 British

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