what are the basic steps for starting up a business in the UK specifiacally a catering business?

Answer #1

be able to cook [catering certificate] - health and hygiene certificate - health & safety certificate, and wether its home or kitchen based youll need a licence to cook and sell food on teh premises

i think thats mainly what youll need.. note think :p

Answer #2

Continuing on with from Matty’s list, you would need public liability insurance. This covers you if someone who eats your food become sick, they do not sue you directly but your insurance company.

Answer #3

hey.. we have just opened one.. its kind of hard wish we never started on it.. money coming in money going out… make money loose money + you (NEED) to get some one in to do the profits of everything that is where the money goes… luckily enough a family member is doing it for nothing for us..
you need a license for cooking.. and if its like a van selling food you have to get promising of the council.. and then health and safety.. it alot of money starting up.. but after a good couple of years you get it all back :)

Answer #4

yups we have ours and covers 5 million…

Answer #5

If you start Party Catering Supplies then it’s a good business but it’s move only when you give the best and different service.

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