What are basic things you want to see when you go to restaurants?

Answer #1

I recently went to a very expensive restaurant, and it was appalling! The actual place was very nice, but the staff and waiters had such attitudes and our waitress gave us the menus, took our orders, and didn’t return to our table the whole night! No offering of drinks or anything… it was very poor service for a very expensive place and I will not be going again.

When I go out to dinner, I expect to see smiling staff, offering services, pleasant decor, and I do like to see a credit-cleanliness-rating (not sure if they have them in the US), but it’s where every food place gets a rating by a health and safety organization. They are rated every year I think. I’d never eat anywhere less than a B (there is A B C D E).

Answer #2

i went to restaurant today.right after 6 seconds the waitress camed with a bottle of cold drink and glass.she was old woman.she took my order.i ate makroni,with french cheese.the food wasnt that delicios,but the way that woman served made me remember my grand ma which,s living in philadelphia.i loved her service.so as for me the decoration is the important thing and the servise must be good.thanks for your answer :)

Answer #3

I think that no matter how amazing the food is, if the service was terrible, people will remember the night in poor taste. Also if the food was average, but the service was amazing and the place was beautiful, people will remember the night happily. Of course, I don’t expect fast food joints and cheaper restaurants to have amazing service, but when paying $40 for a meal per person, I expect the waitress to at least come over and ask how we are enjoying our meal…

Answer #4

100% AGREED!

Answer #5

Haha, oh well- their loss. I won’t be eating there again!

Answer #6


Answer #7

LOL :)

Answer #8

yay for beer,cheers matty

Answer #9

I want to see a clean restaurant, pleasant staff, decent service time (don’t want to wait an hour for food), and food that looks presentable (and tasty). xD If I have those things, I’d be happy.

Answer #10

I wwant to see a restaurant that is busy but not too busy with cleaniliness ,nice stafff,and just a welcoming feeling like music.

Answer #11

I want my waitress to be completely naked and wanting it and the waiters to be completely non-existant.

Answer #12

thank you :)

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