How can I get my bangs to not lay flat against my face?

Answer #1

Tease them.

Answer #2

You can tease them with a comb and apply hairspray to hold, dry them with round barrel brush to give them more volume, and apply conditioner to your hair but not your bangsā€¦conditioner weighs thin hair down.

Answer #3

Get them cut differently? Im assumming bangs is what would be referred to as a fringe in my country! When my hair stylist feathers my fringe a bit, it is less flat

Answer #4

get like a curler bruch and part them the way you want then put them on the curly brush and blow dry them works for me(:

Answer #5

maybe get them layered a bit? mine are layered and they are volumious. You can also try blow drying them a certain way, there are probly some videos on youtube (: I dont suggest teasing though.. unless you know how to do it right and have the right tools.

Answer #6

use some of that hair spray.

Answer #7

wet your bangs then get a round brush and wrap your bangs around it. blow dry them and you should get fluffy bangs. i used to do this when i had bangs and it always worked for me

Answer #8

For mine. When i get out of the shower I comb it flat and put it behind my ear and clip it wait until it drys and then run my fingers through it. and push it backward kinda like what justin bieber does but not straighten them. Or just lightly curly them under with a straightener its kinda hard to explain

Answer #9

put your bangs in curlers before you go to sleep every night.

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