How can I tell if I will look good with bangs.

How can I tell if I will look good with bangs.

Answer #1

you can find a web site that you post a picture of yourself and you can change your hair and eye color, cut, whiten your teeth, I used ivillage, It is fun.

Answer #2

You can take your hair, pin some of it back, and leave pieces falling over your face the same way bangs would in order to see if it would look good.

Answer #3

u should try on a wig with bangs then compare!!

Answer #4

Use your imagination.

Answer #5

Try it out?

Answer #6

you can take a long peice of hair[in the front of your head]and swoop it like a sidebangand pin it down.Hahahaha silly

Answer #7

You can try an online virtual makeover … there are several to choose from, but I find works best:

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