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All- American Rejects (Dirty Little Secret- my fav. song ever!!)

and The Killers (When You Were Young- my second fav. song)

and Bill Withers (Lean on Me- my 3rd fav. song :) )

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Fav Band is Angels & Airwaves
Fav singer would probably be David Cook or Chris Daughtry

All of your fav bands,singers, and actors/actresses

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Band - L'Arc~en~Ciel
Singer - Hyde

Hyde's the lead singer of L'Arc~en~Ciel, but he's also solo! ^_^

Is anybody holding band auditions for a lead singer in massachusett
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Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace. :o)

Who is your favorite country band or singer?

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taylor swift! I love country! and I dont care whatr you all think!

Who is your favourite band singer and why?
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band-escape the fate
singer-ronnie radke

How to become a famous rock singer without a band?

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avenged sevenfold-band

m. shadows-singer

Who are your favorite bands or singers?
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Michael Jackson

How old is Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer from the rock band Green Day?

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bullet for my valentin
avenged sevenfold

Is there a female singer or band like Emilie Autumn?
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I don't have a fav band but
I like t.I and lil waynee!!! :) lol

whats a good screamo/heavy metal band with a girl lead singer?
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all the jonas brothers songs

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the used
avenged sevenfold
papa roach
30 seconds to mars
smile empty soul
bullet for my valentine
killswitch engage
theory of a dead man

thats some of my favs
I have WAY to many to list all of them

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band- Papa Roach
singer- NeYo

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umm proble Theory of a Deadman

song would be entheir Bad Girlfriend / or Santa Monica.

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