How bad would intercourse be if I'm already in my late 2nd trimester with twins?

Answer #1

Perfectly safe, so long as it’s not rigorous sex. Just take it easy.

Answer #2

Its safe , just as long as it isnt rough sex. Its actually healthy for your babies :)

Answer #3

Wow, really?

Answer #4

Yes it is. I have a daughter who is 3 months and 4 days old. When i was pregnant i always asked my doctor the same question. He told me that it is 100% safe as long as it isnt rough and the sperm is healthy for the baby because it is filled with vitimans :)

Answer #5

Oh okay :) Thanks!

Answer #6

No problem !

Answer #7

Wait, could I get pregnant again from intercourse during pregnancy?

Answer #8

No you can not. Once your pregnant and you have unprotected sex you can not get pregnant again. You cold only get pregnant again if you had a misscarrage.

Answer #9

can anyone please answer far along am i if my due date is on 3/20/11 and my lmp was on 6/5/10….i just lost track of how many weeks i am. and i missed my last doctors appt because for some reason my insurance was messed up & i have to wait to find out how far along i am. help!?

i have nooooo idea about late 2nd i think i’m still in my first trimester i dont know for sure but i just wanna know how many weeks i am?

Answer #10

I think you’re about 3 months along.

Answer #11

At 22 years old, you don’t know that you can’t get pregnant when you’re already pregnant? I’m sorry, but you really need to start doing some research - you are not at all prepared for this.

Answer #12

Yeah yeah yeah I know. Most people don’t know everything when they’re pregnant. I’m just taking some precautions. I’m also trying to find a quick answer.

Answer #13

Sex is perfectly safe while pregnant whether it’s in your 1st 2nd or 3rd trimester UNLESS your doctor says otherwise

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