is it bad for your health if you have sex while you have your period ?

Answer #1

No, just messy. =/

Answer #2

No. Just make sure you lay down several layers of towels, or you may want to consider the shower.

Answer #3

no, nothing bad happens when you have sex on your period (there is still a chance of pregnancy though and you can still get stds, so its best to use a condom and/or birth control) the only thing us as moe said, it can be a bit messy, it would be good to put an old towel underneath you so you dont get any blood on the sheets

Answer #4

erwww its nastyy n not good i hav never heard of this but never want to do it its for dirty ppl that cant wait a week 2 hav sex

Answer #5

eeeeeerrrrw ive never tryed and 2 messy and i wuld never want 2 do that =/ =/ =/ =/ u r disgusting

Answer #6

i’ve did it and found it really degrading, but didn’t affect me in any physical way.

Answer #7

eew ;p

Answer #8

cough never cough went through cough puberty cooooouuugh!!! O_O > :P XD XD XD i am special i think i did idk i dont remember crap like that ^_^ :P

Answer #9

I recomend towels or doing it in the shower.

Answer #10

And no it’s really not disgusting, i dont see why sex on your period is so taboo. I never found it degrating, it never felt any worse it’s just the same just more messy.

Answer #11

bad for your laundry…

Answer #12

bad for your laundry i must say… lol

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