Bad hangovers

How do I not get a hangover!?!

Answer #1

not drinking is obviously out of the question lol!

plenty of fluids. the main reason for a hangover is dehydration. the long and short of it is alcohol is a diuretic (makes you pee more than you should or need to), so when you drink alcohol, the nephrons in the kidneys do not permit the body to absorb as much water as it needs (because of the diuretic) holding you unrine for longer won’t help, once it’s in the bladder, it’s been processed.

all you can do it drink a glass of water in between drinks, in reality you are unlikely to do this, you’ll probably forget or realise its bloating you out. if you can though, do!

other than that, when you get home make sure you drink AT LEAST one pint of water, best to do two, force it down if needed, but if you’re feeling sick or anything, then stick to a pint! but the fluid you drink may help agaisnt the hangover (the hangover is basically lack of fluid in or around the brain)

best to not drink too much, I know it seems great and fun, but the amount of younger people being admitted with liver problems is rising…just rememer cirrosis of the liver can happen to younger people!

Answer #2

ok this works 4 me,with every alcoholic drink try to have a glass of water,then before you go to bed at nite drink a pint of water with 1 are 2 tablespoons of salt in it,the reason you get a head ache is because all the salt is gone frm yur bloodstream and yur dehydrated,I swear try it it works,thats why next day you crave sumthing savoury and salty

Answer #3

Actually, while many people believe dehydration causes hangovers, that’s a common misconception. When your liver processes alcohol, it creates a chemical similar to formaldehyde, which then goes to your brain.

So, the only real way to prevent hangovers is to drink less, and hope your body chemistry works out for you.

Answer #4

really helpful^^ my god!!!

Answer #5

line your stomach with greasy foods before you go out…rashers, sausages and what not… then do the same thing the next morning…helps soak up the alcohol…I personally cant eat for the next 2 days after a heavy night of drinking, but hey its meant to work! …swap alcohol with a glass of water in between every few drinks… dont mix strong drinks…

-if I really dont want a hangover, I drink a bit earlier than normal so I can quit at about 11/half 11 but still be fairly tipsy for the rest of the night. go home at 1am, and be in bed fairly sober my 2am!!!-

Answer #6

jaes is correct of course, but if you want to drink without getting a hangover, the classic drinker’s secret is to alternate between a full glass of water and a drink.

Also, if you start slurring your speech, the next drink will result in a hangover.

Answer #7

drink lots of water, stick to one type of alcohol, try to drink clear alcohols (vodka, gin etc), and dont drink too much…

Answer #8

dont drink, if you still get hangovers then I’ll take you seriously

Answer #9


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