Bad haircut

Okay so I thought I was being smart but I was being dumb and I gave myself a horrible shoulder length haircut. My hair used like in the stomach area..haha..
But anyways..
Anyone know tips on how to make your hair try to grow faster?

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Get extensions till it grows out?

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Go to a really good stylist (get ready to spend at least $40 on the cut alone) and have them give you a cut that works for the length and can grow out looking good. Then just take really good care of your hair, thisroyabattle listed some good products.

Fixing my bad haircut

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try Naproxen shampoo it is actually referred to cancer patients to help thicken their hair without adding harmful chemicals, Or try Mane n' Tail (it actually is for horses not kidding!) you find it in the animal section and it works extremely well, I've used it myself and it worked wonderfully

I just got a haircut yesterday and I hate it
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dunno but if you really don't like it you could tuck it under a hat everyday..
That probablky wouldn't work tho...

rotten luck...


Bad haircut

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I've never gotten a good haircut :[

Haircut with cowlick
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take care of it and
brush it every nite-that helps the roots to feel alive and work better


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no but I can probably tell you a way to make it look better until it does get longer so it wont look so bad funmail me.

how to fix a really bad haircut?

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