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I have bad dandriff, I tried everything, and I wash my hair at least six times a week, is there any shampoo that will work for me at all?

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Not sure if you can get it where you're from, but "T-Gel" is very good, it should get rid of all dandruff after one wash.

However it's not for freqrent use, and it does smell pretty bad. So I'd say use the T-gel to get rid of the dandruff, then use something like head and shoulders to keep it away.

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First off, let me dispel a common myth- dandruff is not caused by your hair being dirty, so washing it frequently will not make much of a difference. In fact, It's more likely to make it worse, as no oils are given time to settle on your scalp, and the top layer of skin gets dry and flakey.

I'm not sure about the asprin, but make sure you use an anti dandruff shampoo for sure. Selsun blue 5 seems to work pretty well in my experience, but sometimes I leave conditioner in my hair overnight, then wash it out in the morning. Like, rinse hair, massage conditioner in, wrap it in plastic wrap and go to bed. Apparently it helps to moisturise the scalp.

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I read in a beauty magazine that if you mash an aspirin or two and mix it in with your shampoo it's supposed to help with dandruff. maybe give it a try.

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You Should Try Head An Shoulders.It Works.

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