How can i tell him his breath stinks?

theres this guy thats wanting to be with me but i dont know if i want to be with him cuz he has bad breath and his body parts are foul smelling and it got to the point were i didnt want to kiss him or evan do anything sexual with him its so bad that his breath sometimes smells like onion or fishy it got to the point i didnt want to kiss him or evan be near cuz it grossed me out so i didnt know how to bring this to his attention how i can tell him it concerns me ???

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say "i would rather b friends with u because i like u but not like that." That would b honest and he wont get his feelings hurt.

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He has some issues if he smells that bad! You probably shouldn't consider dating someone who doesn't even wash his body! He's gross.

How do I tell my boyfriend he has bad breath?

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