Bacterial Infection

I have a bacterial infection (vaginal) and it wont go away for about a year now. I switched doctors..and took many different prescriptions both orally and vaginally. Its not really a problem always but sometimes I have an odor especially after that occasional intercourse and I dont know what to do. It will be fine and than one day it will be sore or just burn. I have had screening tests for everything else and I am negativie in all categories. I took a vaginal screening kit test and my vaginal ph is all messed up I think its suppose to be like 4.5 - 6.0 and mine was 7.0 (shakin my heaf) I dont have sex and my vagina is officially depressed. Is there any at home remedies or things I can discuss with my doctor…someone help!

Answer #1

Yeast infections are awful, and I can understand why you’re just wanting to get rid of it. I’m not sure how to get rid of it for good, but here’s a few remedies that help.

  1. Canesten cream- it’s a cream you use on your vagina, and it soothes the burning.

  2. Eat plenty of natural yoghurt- the acidopholis helps aid against bacterial infections down there.

  3. Ural- it’s a urinary alkaliniser, and having a ural sachet mixed with a large glass of water in the mornings can ease the burning when you need to pee.

  4. Wash your vagina with warm water. water, believe it or not, drys out your vagina a bit, so the bacteria (which likes a warm moist environment) , will not thrive there as much.

I think one thing you need to do is talk more to your doctor about it, explore every possible option. There’s no doubt that something’s wrong, they just need to look for it. All the best!

Answer #2

Take a bacterial supplement. Shaklee is the best, but you have to order it. Try Culturelle over the counter. Make sure you’re going to OBGYN and pressure them to keep finding a way to cure it. I had a bladder infection they couldn’t get rid of until I went to a specialist and insisted. I finally had to take a low dose antibiotic for 6 months. It sort of sucked but I haven’t had problems in years. Keep at the docs., you and your body deserve it. Just be careful with the sex–bacterial infections can be spread.

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