What does your background have to do with the size of your pen1s?

everyone keeps sayibg how asains have small pen1s’s…well i just wondering is that even true?

Answer #1

Nothing boys just traying to be hard and stuff, and traying to label so they don’t get labeled themselfs. Who you are, your backround or whatever does not matter, it depends on the guy amd genetics.

Answer #2

This is not a new myth. You can find examples of people trying to correlate ethnicity with pnis size throughout human history. Ibn Fadlan, a 10th Century Arab historian, observed that one culture will see another culture as being inferior in every way, yet for some reason, will develop a myth that another culture’s males have larger pnises and/or genitals. However, as studies have shown, there is no correlation between skin pigmentation and p*nis size.

Answer #3

I know it says somewhere in my sexuality textbook that there’s some evidence linking pen.is size to ethnicity (on average, just like on average there’s a link between height and ethnicity). But I do also remember that the study had a small sample size and so generalizability was unclear. As of now I do not believe they’ve conducted a good study to answer this question one way or another.

Answer #4

Also this article got a lot of attention

‘Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men’ http://funadvice.com/r/14ol1j9gisf

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