Having major pains in my back, what could it be?

I have major pains in my back. its not a bruise too. what could it be. every like 30 seconds it shots a huge pain in my body. what could it be???

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Have you lifted anything heavy lately? Or done anything to strain your back?
Do you feel these shooting pains when you turn a certain way or when your backs at an angle?
You quite possible could've tweaked something or pulled a muscle. Pulled muscles hurt like hell and last for quite a few days. I would try and stay off your feet for a couple of days, if you can. Take it easy, lay on a heating pad or take a nice hot shower/bath. If it doesn't feel better in a few days or it continues to get worse, then I would go pay a visit to the doc.

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umm...I don't know go see a chiropracter right away because I dont want it to be any thing serious it cud be very dangerous

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ya to me it sounds like your having back spasms, but yes you should see a doctor!!

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