Babysitting AD???

So im 14 and I think its time I get a job; the best place to start seems to be babysitting. But I was wondering like what do I put on the AD. If anyone could help me cover some points to put on a flyer that would be like really really helpful. Also do I put down a rate or do I just let them pick. Thanks

Answer #1

Try posting your experience, your phone number, your availability, and special skills related to the job (I.e. if you know how to change a diaper, you know how to do things around the house, how to keep children safe). You could probably post a rate of 10 dollars an hour; I don’t know how wealthy the people in your area are, but you could charge more or less depending on the places you plan to babysit!

Answer #2

Be safe - only a cell number - never meet alone - sit for only known, trustworthy people…again, be safe and Happy New Year !!

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