what can someone do to be more able to get pregnant?

How can someone make themself more fertile so its easier for them to get pregnant?? I heard you can drink robitussin every night. Is it true? Anyway, what can someone do to be more able to get pregnant?

Answer #1

It’s been proven that when you aren’t trying is when you get pregnant. It’s also proved you are more likely to get pregnant from having good sex. Although if you have been trying for over a year and no results than I would suggest seeing a doctor both you an your partner.

Answer #2

Well most importantly the couple should try and have sex during the time that the woman is ovulating. This is usually mid menstrual cycle, around two weeks before the next period.

I could be wrong but I’m sure that many things such as drinking robitussin at night, could just be rumours.

There are little thigns such as Omega 3 helping to regulate menstrual cycle so it is easier to determine ovulation. I have also heard that antioxidants such as iced tea and raspberries can help with fertility but of course I can’t be sure.

Answer #3

Maca powder is known to increase female libido and fertility in males.

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