Does this mean we're having twins?

So My Fiancee Is Pregnant Just like about a Week only And We Did This Pendulm Thing Where If It Swings Back And Forth its a Boy and Circular a girl,It Did Both And Kept Chaning! Does this Mean Were going to have a Twin baby boy and girl>

Answer #1

Well, it really depends you know, My mom and memaw did that and they both were right all times. And some babies develop a bit faster than others. : )

Ummm, im not sure about like what my answer is to that but yeah. Ummm.

: ) Im pregnant by my fiancee : ) I hope all goes well : )


Answer #2

That does not mean anything lol. Its an old wise tell. My friend did that on me and he figured twins which was right and he figured two girls…WRONG it was a boy and a girl. I ended up miscarrying though. but again those type of things are old wise tails.


Answer #3

no that does not mean anything, its all on probability. my cousins did the same thing. and she joked about it being a hermanphrodite and not twins and at 2 weeks the baby is not even developed to be a girl or boy yet

Answer #4

I Have No Idea; But I Love Kids And Congratulations ( : Hope Everything Goes Well…At Least I Told You The Truth And Nothing Off The Wall ( :

Answer #5

That’s what happened to a friend of mines mother. She had two twins. A boy and a girl. But I wouldn’t completely count on that.

But Good Luck and Congratulations !!

Answer #6

Perhaps!! Congratulations and good luck hope you get what you want!

Answer #7

baby Its me That Asked it!

Answer #8

I did that with all 3 of mine and it was wrong everytime.


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