why has my baby been very difficult lately?

he wakes up during the night and starts crying and i give him his bottle but he doesnt want it so i pick him up and start playing with him or sing to him but then he asks for his bottle and when i give it to him he doesnt want it and when i sit him down he starts crying is this all part of the teething process can any one help

Answer #1

terrible twos?

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Answer #3

he could just be in that stage where he thinks he is missing things and they try to do anything to stay up

Answer #4

Yeah, it sounds like he’s just trying to stay up. I would put him to bed, and then get in bed yourself, and then when you are sure he’s alseep, get back up and do whatever. But make sure that you don’t wake him up.

Answer #5

Has their been any changes in the formula, or bottle you are giving your baby? Is the nipple clean, with no fuzz on it?

Sometimes a baby’s refusal to accept a bottle is perfectly normal and will eventually go away. However, if it persists and your baby will not eat at all, isn’t gaining weight, has less than six to eight wet diapers per day, or only one bowel movement per day…you should contact your baby’s pediatrician.

Answer #6

Probably teething…or just getting cranky,he could be gasy..or want to be held..

Answer #7

Not sure how old he is, but around age 2-3, children start realizing that when they fall asleep, the world keeps on going, so they feel like they are missing out on something. Around age 1, children realize that objects still exist when you hide them, so it’s like the further development of this.

Unless you fear he could be ill, this behavior is normal. But if you re worried, take it to a pediatrician anyway.

Answer #8

take him lol, sorry.

Answer #9

Your baby could be starting to teethe. Which would make it more difficult. ( crying, and not wanting to feed)

Answer #10

hes 4 months lol

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