When you have a baby, and you deliver the placenta...how nasty/hard is it?

Answer #1

My mother siad it “felt so good”. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never given birth, but my mother did six times.

Answer #2

First one was a C Section, so only five of the births count for this. :D

Answer #3

It’s nothing compared to the actual birth.. one or two pushes barely baring down and it’s out and it doesn’t hurt. It’s a bit uncomfortable since you just delivered a baby.. but it’s not bad at all.

Answer #4

wow thats alot of kids

Answer #5

She would have had 7, but she decided to abort one while she was going through a divorce with what would have been that baby’s father, she also lost one of them due to his birth bing pre-mature.

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Answer #7

i heard it was nasty… i was just wonderin..

Answer #8

well i hope you haven’t given birth..lol :D

Answer #9

F*ck that!

Answer #10

Delivering the placenta only takes a minute. Childbirth takes hours of sitting in a bed leaking fluid, blood, etc. Then you push and push out blood and fluid and most likely have a bowel movement right there… childbirth is the nasty part. I never even saw the placenta.. as soon as i delivered it they disposed of it.

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Answer #12

ohhh ok. thanksss(:

Answer #13

you dont want to see them, they are ugly! We have lots of them at my uni for study.

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