how can I make my boobs grow bigger?

Answer #1


its true chicken will make them bigger, my brother is a personal trainer & he gets all the body builders to eat chicken!!!

Answer #2
  1. people say if you move your entire B00Bs in a circulur direction they will grow bigger. I have no idea if it’s true of not.
  2. Padded Bras!
  3. Stuff your bra with tissues or toilet paper (not jello like the other person said)
Answer #3

what utter rubbish eat lots of chikin? crazy.

sweethert you can have some of mine haha heres you tryna grow them and im tryna squish mine down and somehow get rid of them! im a 34G yes… G (uk size btw)


its impossible, you are they way you are :) xx

Answer #4

dey sell fake boobs…find a store around you that dose

Answer #5

one answe”r: SURGERY~!!!

Answer #6

eat lots of chicken, it works!

Answer #7

you cant stop trying and why would you want to im 15 have 34d and yea I get attention but only cause of my boobs

Answer #8

stick stuff in your bra! like jello! or flower

Answer #9

dont jump so much. be lazy. do do much excercise. I know it sound bad but it really works

Answer #10


Answer #11

I don’t know about the chicken stuff, i think that will make u add weight everywhere.. Try this exercise, stretching of the hip flexor..u can search that and see the picture on how to do..and try squatin too,it works. Goodluck dear

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