does avril lavigne have extensions, or did she just grow her hair out?

and did she get a nose job? i dont treally care, but she always said she is happy with what she has and wouldnt get surgery, but she said this when she was younger, now her nose looks a little smaller sharper, and pointed.

Answer #1

She’s always had that loong hair, it’s just change color from time to time. Im not sure about the nose job, I doubt it.

Answer #2

she has extensions cuz i saw on the internet ppl with extensions like miley, avril, and many other celebs

Answer #3

although i don’t know about the nose job she looks the same

Answer #4

i know she had long hair but it wasnt that long, it was kindof in the middle of her back, it looks slightly longeer now, or mabey it just looks longer because of how she wears it, she used to wear it straight, now she has it in waves and it looks fuller, but either way i still love her

Answer #5

i dont think miley has extensoins, sometime she will get them for on tv or for something big, but i dont think she wears them all the time, but either way i hate her, and are you sure that sight wasn just some fan making stuff up?

Answer #6

Just because people get extensions to look like celebrities doesnt mean the celeb themself has extensions. What th hell kind of logic is that?

Answer #7

yea like paris hilton “sells” extensions, like at sallys, there are a bunch of versions of paris hiltons hair for people who want there hair like that, but, i heard she actually does have extensions, it doesnt mean its true, but it might be cuz i saw her hair short, but she could have grown it out, but it doesnt matter

Answer #8

I am pretty sure she got a nose job. Her nose is noticeably different.

Also, I am sure Avril has had extensions at one point…I’m not sure if she does now or not though.

Answer #9

i heard loads of celebs took out the extensions when they found out the they were made from poor young girls hair that they sell to gt money!!!!!!!!! id hate if i had to do that

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