Aussie Slangs

I need some Aussie slang lol. If you will make a list for I’ll mesmerize them. Thank You

Answer #1

Whilst these words and phrases are somewhat true, only they’re prawns, not shrimp , they are a limited view of the Australian version of English; and yes it may surprise you that the official Australian language is English, er, well, kind of.

Answer #2

G’day maate, throw a shrimp on the barbie feed me shiela? bloody hell!


Answer #3

lol, what does sigg mean sammie?

Answer #4

holden, dont be a copycat mate, its so unbecoming.. “sigh”

Answer #5

A lot of people think we all talk like the guy on Crocodile Dundee but we don’t. Some people do but everyone’s different. Here if you live in Queensland and travel down south to New South Wales or Victoria you’ll find they talk different. Some slangs are g’day, mate and shiela which means woman :)

Answer #6

‘Sigg’ as in cigarette?

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