Do you think aura reading is true?

Answer #1

whats aura reading?

Answer #2

It will prob be 50/50, depending on what people’s beliefs are

Answer #3

No, I do not think so.

Answer #4

I think it depends on the reader. Some people are just naturally more intuitive.

Answer #5

I guess .. :)

Answer #6

I never thought of it that way.. :/ true though huh?:)

Answer #7

I dunno i did one of those at a bowling place one time and my colors came out greenish, yellow and that means laid back ect ect… and my babies dad did it and his turned out dark red which is like evil and depressed. well he was. But i dont know if the are real or not

Answer #8

Oh.. I read somewher that green meant easy going and able to heal or something.. Idk abt red..

Answer #9

it is absolutely wrong

Answer #10

And how can you say so? :/

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