What does each aura colour mean?

Answer #1

Supposedly according to some spiritualists we are individually surrounded by a luminous, paranormal radiation. This is known as your aura. Different colours mean different things. Eg: Yellow suggests that you have been working too hard at school and you are edgy. Look at the following website for more details into what each colour means. http://funadvice.com/r/3l147s56nf

Answer #2

Step #4 of this How To explains it: http://www.funadvice.com/howto/read_aura

Answer #3

I’ve seen a lot of graphs and charts that supposedly tell what each color means…I say ignore it. Colors signify and symbolize different things for different cultures and for different individuals.

Answer #4

It all depends on how the seer interpretes them They way you see them may be different than others. For instance

Ppl may think of red as lust, love to me it’s more lust, anger, Some may see blue to be sad, depressed, I see it’s more serine & peacful

Research the meanings and “feel out” which meanings seem right you you

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