Why am i always attrated to the guy who doesnt like me and not attracted to the guy who dose?

Answer #1

idk but its the same way for me most of the time… but you will eventually find the right person

Answer #2

It’s part of the “human condition”…we want what we can’t or don’t have. It’s the same for everybody to some degree.

Answer #3

once i thought this guy didnt like me but i liked him and he would always be horrible to me but i still like him untill one day he made a move on me and he said he did like me but he found he didnt wanna look weird by being all over me so he just was horrible and i think your not attracted to this other one because he isnt the same as the one you like you cant stop thinking bout the one you like

Answer #4

Ahh cuz we always want what we can’t have. I think it’s human nature truly

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