ATL movie

if yu saw the atl movie can yu tell me the nicknames of the main characters? like the one girl is nu-nu. is that sposed to be an insult? thank lemme know.

Answer #1

T. I is rashaad

Answer #2

I know one is named nu nu witch is the girl that is named erin and TI’s is umm I think just his name in the movie

Answer #3

ugh I love this movie t.I./clifford harris is rashaad lauren london is erin aka new new then you have; evan ross: antawn aka ant ex.I aint gone lie…I got some cuddy last night brooklyn: the the bigger dude ex.why you say shawty afta every sentence…im talla den you esquire: the skinny one that knows about the “real” new new ex.the salad fork goes on the… teddy: the one that does grillz ex: her a** fatta than the lumps…

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