When do a puppy's testicles fully drop?

my 8 month old puppy 's testicles has not fully drop yet. As of today only one testicles has drop, but the second doesn't seem to appear at all. Should I take him too his vet right away? Or should I wait until he turns 1 years old?
thank you for your help / answer.

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thank you every one! I will take him to his vet tomorrow, if they are not close for holiday. And yes, I have been waiting for him to fully develope. But I guess 8 mnths is long enough. I will update his health on here. ;) have a good holiday weekend!

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they fully develop at age one or earlier but if by that time you dont see it you will have to get him neuter and they wll also have to remove the testicle thats still inside while hes getting neuter to reduce the chance of an infection.

hope I helped!! :)

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Take the dog to the vet. A responsible pet owner would have the dog neutered by 6 mos. Perhaps you were waiting because his testicle has not descended. Perhaps he only has one testicle or there's a problem with the testicle. In any event, I wouldn't ask amateurs this question...you need to take the dog to a vet immediately and get this problem solved.

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Sophie's experience is a common one. Many male pups have only one testicle drop, so neutering is more invasive than a "normal" one. She's also correct about the high incidence of cancer if that testicle is left in place.

If this were my dog, I'd get him neutered as soon as possible...the longer you wait, the more testosterone is being produced, and the more chance you're taking on his future health.


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I never thought to look for that to be honest...hmmm...ok

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They're supposed to drop within the first 7 days after birth.

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My puppy finally dropped today he is a week shy of 7 months. Yeah!!! It is a lot smaller than the other one however I am so happy---Less invasive surgery. I knew when I bought him that it was not there and he also had a underbite--I got him a lot cheaper because of this. I am just exstatic.

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we have a german sheperd pup, an he only has 1 testicle 2, we took him 2 the vets and he set soon as hes old enough 2 get neuterd book him in staright away because it could cause cancer so take him 2 the vets x

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First of all, who decided that testosterone was not required in the development of a male mammal? To neuter any male mammal before maturity is asking for the equivalent of a eunich, which is exactly what you get when you neuter a dog at ages measurable in weeks.

Second of all, a puppy's testicles need to be in the sac by about 14 weeks or you probably have an issue. There are noninvasive treatments. If you wait until 5 or more months, you're too late to get the testicle to develop and drop. There are reasons to treat for this aside from cosmetics. If you plan to neuter AFTER MATURITY HAS BEEN REACHED, it is much the best to have both testicles readily available. If you're planning to rip the testicles off the puppy and expect him to develop appropriately without testosterone anyway, then go ahead and dig it out at great expense and a much more invasive procedure than hormone treatments to get it where it belongs prior to neutering.

Is there anyone out there who cannot recognize that hormones are key in the development and function of mammals? What is UP with this automatic Neuter ASAP mentality! Talk about not considering the animal! Anyone out there willing to neuter their own boy child? Well, why not! (You get my point...)

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