What you think of my writting

What Pain; Is This Love What pain this relationship is. I thought we would be perfect. I thought we were a match made in heaven. However this is pain this misery. We fight all the time and its just not right. In the beginning of this all I felt so special. And so did you. Time went by and we took each other for granted. That’s just not right. I thought you were everything and now I’m just not sure. I don’t understand why having that one person you love oh so much has to be so much pain. I have so many feeling towards you. You know how to make me feel good. You also know how to make me feel bad. Sadly I have to admit I never expected love to hurt so much like I do. And unfortunately leads me to question is this really love what I’m feeling or is it just lust??

Answer #1

I think it explains your feelings a lot, hope you’re okay.

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