is the associate degree similar to high school studies or higher?

ppl say u take the same courses as in high school..

Answer #1

No u don’t take the same coarses as high school and they r similar but more advanced

Answer #2

i didn’t take chem in high school but the degree i am going for has intro to chem isn’t it the same because highschool they do intro to chem?

Answer #3

Essentially, your first two years are general requirement courses, similar to high school but more intense. You’ll take things like College Algebra, College Composition, General Psychology, Politics 101, Philosophy 101, etc.

Answer #4

Yes the intro to chem is pretty much the same

Answer #5

Well that is strange seeing how much college cost.

Answer #6

@ chris..what do u mean? lol

Answer #7

basically same as high school right?

Answer #8

He means it don’t cost to go to highscholl but u take the same coarse in collge and have to pay for it

Answer #9

Basically. There’s really nothing you can do about it, they’re required courses. Unless you take A.P. courses/tests in high school, which will count as college credit.

Answer #10

Courses dont change, they just get more in depth. This is like asking do you take the same classes in high school as you do in middle school. Well of course. Is there a point to high school, yes there is…

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