ASPCA commercial makes me cry

what is wrong with people,every night I see that aspca commercial, and it makes me cry every time, what can I do (we do) to help??? please help the poor animals!!!

Answer #1

OMG that commercial is horrible!!! well in the way that its too sad it makes me cry tooo :(

Answer #2

ha ha I cry everytime I see that!!! I usually just hit the mute button and I wont look until its over! But the commercial is so freakin long! It just makes you want to go out and save all the animals!

Answer #3

Why don’t you do some volunteer work at one of the shelters? They always need people … every little thing would help.

Answer #4

Pink is right. Even if you just take the animals out for walks, or clean their cages and pet them…anything would help.

Also, if you suggest to your family and friends that adoption will save lives maybe they’ll get a pet.

Also you could join ASPCA like I have.

You can also contact your city reps enlisting their help in making the local humane society a ‘non-kill’ place.

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