What is Ashley Greene's ethnicity?

I heard somewhere that their is an Ashley Green that is half greek and half native american. this can’t be her because ashley’s last name ends with an e not an n. Greene not Green. correct?

Answer #1

Plus she has such nice skin..she’s white but what could she be?

Answer #2

You cannot determine that unless you find out what her parents history is and I cannot find anywhere on the the internet that gives information like that. But now she is ethnically classified as American.

Answer #3

I would say she’s American…she was born/raised in Florida, and it doesn’t specifically say anything about her ethnic background. Here’s a link to her imdb page, if you want to read her full bio. http://funadvice.com/r/3mb2qcpu2u I agree she has gorgeous skin…I think she’s beautiful.

Answer #4

Ashley’s mom’s maiden name is Tatum, which is of Anglo-Saxon origin. Her Dad’s name, Greene might be of Norman origin, or is possibly derived from an earlier Celtic name. So, her nationality is American, and her ancestors may have come over from England and/or Ireland at some point. It’s tough to tell…we’ve become such a lovely mix here.

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