Do you need to be artistic to be a make up artist?

i’d like to be a make up artist but i’m not good at art at all so does that mean i can’t be a make up artist? :(

Answer #1

I think in a way u wud have to be

Answer #2

Well, doing make up is a type of art. So, if you are good at doing make up, then you can become a make up artist.

You don’t have to be good at drawing or painting to be good at doing make up, however, it does help to know how to draw first.

You can take a few drawing classes, just to get the basics and practice. Then, move on to make up classes.

Answer #3

Not necessarily. What you need is raw talent and passion. Becoming a successful make-up artist is about being good at what you do. You develop more creativity as you learn techniques and continue studying what other people do. Don’t get discouraged because you’re not good in art (I can’t draw to save my life!). As long as you’re good at makeup, that’s all that matters. Keep practicing :)

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