Can you get arrested for having cyber sex on omegle?

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Probably not. It's not real sex. It obviously doesnt involve any penetration, which would be considered sex. If the site doesnt allow that you could be banned. I've never heared of that site and wouldn't be able to say too much about that.

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thanks :)

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You're welcome. =]

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If she's underage yes. You can. It may not be of stat r*pe, but it would probably count as something

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In theory, yes, depending on the age of the person you're showing lewd content to and whether or not it was consensual.

In practice? It's not likely.

First of all, the sheer volume of people showing their private parts on Omegle/Chatroulette/etc would make tracking down and prosecuting all of them a daunting task at best.

Second of all, it depends on whether showing your genitals or breasts was consensual or not. If the person asks to see, or you ask if they want to see and then subsequently show them after they say yes, technically you haven't committed a crime in MOST (but not all) countries so long as that person is of the age of consent.

Age of consent is another huge factor, especially in the realm of the internet. Personally I have never heard of a report of someone being arrested for exposing themselves on Omegle or Chatroulette to a minor, although like I said it is entirely possible for that to occur. However, a conviction would be incredibly difficult and therefore not likely for numerous reasons.

First, age of consent varies by region. For example, in Canada the age of consent is 16, and in some US states it is 16, others it is 17, and others it is 18. Even then, there are limitations such as whether their was an abuse of a position of trust et cetra. The difficulty would come in a situation where it was legal in one jurisdiction but illegal in another. Going back to what I said about not being able to find many examples of specific cases and their outcomes, it's unclear whether the legal system would make it a crime based on the victim's location or the perpetrator's location. That could also vary by country or state as well and may not be uniform across the board. Ie one country might determine it was an offense based on the victim's location, while another might determine it based on the perpetrator's location.

As well, if you are dealing with an international situation (example offender in say Canada and victim in US) it becomes even more complex. You would have to potentially have issues of extradition involved (ie deporting a person to the other country to face charges there). In most areas, showing your genitals to a minor would simply be classified criminally as "indecent exposure to a minor" or something similar, which is not a major offense (ie in most states it would be a misdemeanor) and is simply not worth the time and expense to make an international case out of it. That being said, frequency of offenses and exact age of the victim or victims may factor in. If you're constantly jacking off on camera for 11 year old girls, you could expect a higher chance of arrest than if you happen to expose yourself once or twice to a 16 year old. Also, because of the difficulties involved with even tracking someone down online, law enforcement tends to focus a lot more of it's attention on people that try to arrange actual meetings with minors for the purposes of sex. It's the classic "Chris Hansen: to catch a predator" scenario. Law enforcement poses as a minor, arranges a meeting, and catches the perpetrator at that location. It is much less resource consuming to do that. As well, the rational for doing that is that you are catching the most extreme predators; those that are actually trying to have physical sex with a minor.

On top of ALL THAT, someone actually has to report that a crime has even occurred. If you just flash your genitals to someone and they just click "next", how is law enforcement even to know that a crime has even occurred (unless you actually were showing it to a law enforcement official). The average user on Omegle/Chatroulette does not have the means of tracking your IP or recording your video (although again both of those things ARE possible). And even then, if it's just an average person capturing your IP and video and not law enforcement, that evidence may not even hold up in court in all areas.

I want to add that I definitely don't condone or support indecent exposure to a minor over Omegle or anything similar. Going back to my first sentence, YES it is illegal and YES you could get arrested and YES you could end up in jail. It just isn't likely AT PRESENT.

In summary, the best answer is that if you DO want to have "cybersex" with someone, you should at least make SURE that a) it is consensual and b) both people are of the age of consent in their respective areas.

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