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how do i arouse my boyfriend?

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turn on my boyfriend just a little? I want to start out kissing.. and I know I'm too young for sex and all that, I'm saving myself. So as I was saying, I want to start out kissing, but I don't want it to lead anywhere. I just want to get him aroused a little.. He's coming round my house to watch a film on Saturday.. at a time where my parents are out shopping, so we will be alone. I know how to cuddle and all the hygiene stuff by the way.. I said I was going to dare him to do something, when he is round my house, but he doesn't know what it is.. at the moment we only do short goodbye kisses, so I think I'm going to dare him to kiss me for longer.. how many seconds should I dare him to kiss me for? I was thinking around 4 seconds? maybe 5? I want the dare kiss, to lead to something more. No further than making out of course! If it does get to making out/kissing a lot,(with the help of some of my amazing Fun Advice friends) How do I get him a little aroused? Where should I let him touch me? What if he gets carried away? And.. where should I touch him? Thanks. :)