How do you lose the arm fat by your armpit?

How do you lose the arm fat by your arm pit...and close to your boobs? Please its so gross...I hate wearing anything that show it...

(this is not a pic of me, just one I found to show what im talking about)

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Your lymph nodes maybe enlagred and need some body work. Some massage therapist have certificates for lymphatic drainage, which can help. Or you can take a wrap/ ace bandage and wrap it around your upper back and push the "fat" down. They also have a bra called suddenly slender that molds your body back the way it should be. Don't ask these people who don't know anything about it any way, your just going to get negative and wrong answers all the time.

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lift a couple of weights.
lose weight.
do push-ups.

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go to the gym and do preacher curls & hammer curls!! - they will give you toned and defined arms =)

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push-up's and try lifting yourself up about 10 times evreyday.

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push ups
tricep dips
lift some lil weights

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mikishots is cannot pin point fat loss. So to lose that fat I would try to tone up your arms but you will have to lose some weight.

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that's just nasty to me. sorry for the negativity.

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lift weights,excersize.

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